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Tiger-Flex Elevating Hoist Operator Profits

Nexans AmerCable is the industrial cable leader in manufacturing highly-flexible cables for dynamic, harsh environment applications.

Originally designed for use in continuous flexing, twisting dynamic applications such as automotive welding robots, Tiger-Flex is ideal for construction hoist systems, cranes, rigging and scaffolding applications. Tiger-Flex’s longer service life helps provide operators with greater productivity and profits.

Tiger-Flex features an extra-tough, mold-cured jacket for longer service life, and unique lay length serrated and lubricated conductors for longer flexing life. The cable core is wrapped with a high tensile binder to maintain flexing geometry.

"We get calls from hoist operators saying their cables are failing in days or weeks because they are using a product not appropriate for their application," says Peter Dunn, AmerCable’s Industrial Cable Products Manager. "Tiger-Flex is specifically designed and manufactured for longer service life in hoist system environments."

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