UPDATE: Tiger Brand CPE jacketed 25-35kV SHD-GC cables are now CSA Rated TC-ER and Suitable for Direct Burial.

Tiger® Brand CSA 25-35kV Type SHD-GC and MP-GC Mining Cables

In Canada, mining operators think big. As equipment size and load rates increase and mine expansions require longer cable runs, some mines require higher-voltage trailing and mine power feeder cables to ensure productivity and safety.

Tiger Brand SHD-GC trailing cables have long been available to Canadian operators in a 25kV construction, but now AmerCable is adding a 500 AWG conductor size.

For the biggest applications, AmerCable is introducing a 35kV SHD-GC line that is available in seven conductor sizes ranging from 1/0-350 AWG. Like all Tiger Brand trailing cables, this new family is available in a highly durable mold-cured CPE or, for the toughest mining conditions, TPU jacket.

For larger-voltage applications requiring mine power feeder cable, AmerCable now offers two new CSA-certified constructions for Type MP-GC.

The first, a mold-cured CPE jacket in 25-35kV constructions, is available with or without grounds. The second is a PVC jacketed MPF that comes in 25kV cable (XLP insulation) and 35kV (EPR insulation).

According to AmerCable’s long-time business development and technical advisor Murray Duncan, these new products show the company’s commitment to the mining industry. "Adding these new sizes means Tiger Brand will continue to support the growth of Canadian mining well into the future, no matter how large or complex the application."

All round Tiger Brand CPE and TPU jacketed mining cables are available in standard black or colors, with CPE cables also available in standard or reflective stripes for higher visibility and easier circuit identification.

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