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Introducing AmerLinkTM – the Next Generation of Engineered Top Drive Service Loops

Nexans AmerCable has been producing top drive service loops since 1993. Until recently we only built loops where our cable core is placed in a reinforced hose and filled, in most cases, with potting compound. This has been the industry standard for a long time, but it is a design that has many shortcomings and has made many drilling operators hopping mad due to premature loop failure. We still make very high-quality hose-encased (HE) loops, but we now offer a better solution.

The AmerLink top drive service loop is a significant design improvement that eliminates many of the problems associated with HE loops. AmerLink is an innovative, patented design that allows the loop's construction elements to work independently and collectively to support the weight and dynamic loads experienced during drilling operations. This eliminates the need for a protective outer hose and potting. The bottom line is increased driller profits through longer service loop life.

AmerLink was first installed on a land rig near Elk City, Oklahoma in July 2015. The rig, as of April 2017, is now at its 31st drilling site and the loops continue to perform.

AmerLink features an advanced industrial-strength protective jacket designed to withstand the extreme dynamic forces common in drilling operations. Redundant jacket reinforcement, which includes stainless steel armoring and aramid fibers, carries the entire assembly load and prevents water ingress. The jacket has 58% greater pull-out and breaking strength than a comparable potted HE loop.

AmerLink's manufacturing process, all in-house, produces natural centering of conductors within the loop which balances component stress in bending / movement cycles.

AmerLink's smaller overall diameter offers additional benefits, including lower overall weight (up to 21% on instrumentation/control loops) and a smaller bend radius (up to 37% smaller for instrumentation / control loops). AmerLink is also much more flexible than HE loops, which allows for faster rig-up and rig-down and lower shipping costs.

AmerLink, which is available for land or offshore usage, also meets the 2017 revision of API RP14F.

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