Feb. 2018

Aircraft Ground Control (AGS) 6-Around-1 Power Cable

With global air traffic expected to double by 2031, and airline cargo increasing by 3.5% each year, Nexans AmerCable is entering the Aircraft Ground Control (AGS) 6-Around-1 power cable market. These cables provide power and communications to an aircraft while it is parked at the terminal, allowing engine shut-down to conserve fuel and reduce environmental emissions.

These highly specialized cables are fitted with specialized receptacles for easy plug and play usage. Because of their exposure to varying weather conditions and constant movement, AGS cables require highly specialized design and manufacturing skills to deliver long service life.

Nexans AmerCable is the leading manufacturer of flexible, multi-conductorcables for dynamic applications. AmerCable’s new Aircraft Ground Support (AGS) 6-AROUND-1 cable is designed for reliable performance and long service life in harsh conditions.

This cable features a rugged mold-cured thermoset CPE outer jacket. Mold-cured jackets are consistently proven superior in terms of abrasion and tear resistance. The standard AGS cable features a printed yellow stripe on a black jacket. Other jacket options include solid orange or reflective stripe on black jacket. The reflective stripe is vulcanized into, and not separable from, the jacket and offers higher visibility to prevent snags and runovers. The AGS cable is designed to reduce the potential for corkscrewing.For more information, click here

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