AmerCable Featured in
New York Times #1 Business Seller


AmerCable Featured in New York Times #1 Business Best Seller

Breakthrough Magazine

AmerCable, the world's fastest cable company, is one of the breakthrough companies featured in Keith McFarland's new book The Breakthrough Company – How Everyday Companies Become Extraordinary Performers.

When AmerCable President and CEO Bob Hogan executed a management-led buyout in 2002, he recognized the value of strategic thinking but, like so many entrepreneurs, was bogged down by the process. Mr. Hogan brought in Keith McFarland to facilitate and build a robust strategic planning process utilizing the concepts discussed in the book. Since this partnership began, AmerCable has become a true breakthrough company, experiencing dramatic increases in sales, global scale and enterprise value.

In addition to his title of best selling author, Keith McFarland is an on-line columnist for Business Week and a strategic consultant. His accumulated experiences as an entrepreneur, CEO, researcher and business consultant have come together to create a book that answers three simple questions:

  1. Why do most companies start small and stay that way?
  2. What is special about the handful of companies that successfully "break through" the entrepreneurial stage of development, and
  3. What can a leader do to ensure that this company maximizes its chances for breakthrough?

In case you want to read AmerCable's section first, we're in Chapter 10, pages 204 to 215.

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