AmerCable's MineCable-Safe – an investment in worker safety


To support ongoing industry efforts to make mine operating conditions safer, AmerCable has a new fee-based program designed to take an in-depth, analytical look at how a mine's electrical power cables are deployed, handled and repaired. 75% of all mining injuries or deaths are caused by cave-in, explosion or equipment so workers have a high awareness of these dangers. However, improperly handled power cables also pose a serious risk to workers.

Due to inexperience or lack of knowledge, power cables are often misused, misapplied or mishandled – which can create a dangerous situation for miners. AmerCable's MineCable-Safe is designed to prevent problems before they happen.

Gary Mostyn, AmerCable's Mining Cable Product Manager, noted that the program's benefits extend beyond safety. "Safety is always our top concern. Our field engineers have years of mining cable experience and can quickly recognize and make recommendations to correct dangerous situations." He added, "By correcting these situations there's also an added productivity benefit due to extended cable life and equipment uptime – so the program pays for itself."

An AmerCable MineCable-Safe program works with every type of mine where power cables are utilized, and involves all levels of management and employees. The evaluation begins with a pre-inspection meeting where overall cable usage and areas of concern/failure rates are noted. Next, the evaluator walks the mine for a visual review of the cables in their operating environment ­from power source to equipment. The evaluator follows an extensive checklist that covers cable type, deployment techniques, operating conditions, connectivity issues and other mission-critical information.

After the mine inspection, a summary report is created which includes an overview of the cables deployed in the mine, recommendations for safety and/or productivity improvements, a payback analysis and training recommendations to improve safety.

The evaluator meets with mine personnel to review his findings and answer any questions. The mine personnel, armed with this information, are left to decide if they will implement any of the recommendations. All finding are strictly confidential.

AmerCable is the industry leader in field engineering support and trains hundreds of mine workers each year on the latest in splicing and handling techniques. Some mines question why they should pay AmerCable to conduct an evaluation when they are already getting many of these benefits for free.

Paul Davis, AmerCable's Director of Mining & Industrial Sales, comments that MineCable-Safe is designed to go beyond AmerCable's normal service levels. "In many cases, our field engineers don't see a failed cable until it is pulled from the mine – which doesn't tell the entire story. This review is conducted on all cables – regardless of manufacturer – and recommendations are made for types of cables, not specific brands. Keeping miners safe is our highest priority."

What's a safety problem in this photo? MineCable-Safe lets you know AND makes recommendations how to prevent similar issues throughout the mine.
Field Engineers Mark Fuller and Mark Jenkins walk the mine from point of cable entry all the way to the equipment.

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