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CIR Cable Adds Safety, Lowers Installation Time on Big Offshore Rig Projects


AmerCable's CIR (Crush & Impact Resistant) cable is making a big impact on cable safety and installation productivity at several large offshore rig construction projects. AmerCable's CIR cable is crush and impact resistant without external armoring, yet passes the same stringent crush and impact testing required by UL 2225 for Type MCHL.

Because CIR has no sharp metal armor edges it's safer to handle during installation, glanding and termination work. It's superior flexibility (40% smaller bend radius than Type MC) and smoother outer surface also makes it safer for installers to handle, which can reduce the potential for repetitive strain injuries. CIR is insulated with Gexol®, AmerCable's premium insulating compound, which provides superior flexibility and field proven performance in the most harsh, isolated operating environments.

CIR's unique features helped contributed to a zero percent recordable incident rate within all the cable handling disciplines at one major rig building site, and contributed to very low rates of first aid incidents involving cable pulling, glanding and terminating. With glanding procedures approximately 30% quicker, and a 20% improvement in pulling productivity due to easier handling, CIR allowed several systems to be completed well ahead of schedule at lower man hour rates.

With safety issues being emphasized more than ever in the oil & gas industry, CIR is the wise choice for increased productivity and lower incident rates.

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