An investment in Safety and Productivity that brings the knowledge and experience of our field engineers to your mine.

Are you getting the maximum service life from your mining cables? Are your employees trained on the best ways to safely deploy, handle and repair highly flexible power cables?

Safe Cable Practices

Mining cables are designed to perform in specific operating environments. When cables are placed in situations for which they are not designed, failure and potential disaster can result.

The correct deployment of cables in the mine is essential for safety and reducing downtime due to premature cable failure. Correct splicing methods are also essential to extend cable life.

Worker Safety

Due to lack of training or inexperience, power cables are often mis-used or mis-applied - creating a dangerous situation for workers. MineCable-Safe helps prevent problems before they happen, and includes training to keep your workers up to date on the latest in safe cable practices.

Extended Cable Life

Longer lasting mining cables means more equipment uptime, greater productivity and lower cable cost per ton. Our experts make sure you're getting the maximum return on your cable dollars.

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